The Aftermath...

The Aftermath...

Melanie is back in CO and we had an amazing time. We went to Bumbershoot, Pike Place Market, The People's Republic of Fremont, visited friends in Bremerton, did the first Thursday Art Walk, wandered Broadway, visited coffee shops and pretty much spent every day together while she was here.

It was wonderful!

Mel is warm, funny, sexy, sassy and cool. It was nice to hang out with someone who loves motorcycles, music and food as much (more than?) as I do. She came up with the idea to paint my GPZ with black truck bed liner rather than flat black paint and she and I spent two days sanding and painting. Once I get the front wheel back, I'll have a really cool 'stealth bike'.
We kicked around the idea of getting married and raising Kawasaki's...but since I live in Seattle and she's in Denver AND Johnny 2X and I got laid off from work last week (not enough scanning work coming in) either something is telling me to go for it, or keeping me in place for now.
Melanie was thinking about moving here, but she just got a promotion and she's helping her family out, so she can't go either.

Thing is, she's only been gone a day and I miss her...

I'm going to visit her for her birthday in November. Maybe things will be clearer then.

Last night, my "swim buddy" Jay and I met up with Tess, Stu and Rachel, Elmer, Eugene, Scott and Cindy for my "Laid Off" party at ZigZag. I decided I was only going to have "girly" drinks: I had a Cosmo, Lemondrop, Pink Squirrel, Chinese Cocktail, Midori Sour, Grape Nehi, a shot of Herradura Silver, and a glass of Pernod.
Aside from swaying a bit when I stood up, I felt fine.
Then Jay, Eugene, Elmer and I went to Chinatown to eat.
Jay was so hammered that I wound up driving us home. Then he puked in my yard and had to crash on my couch...

Tonight I'm going to catch Jeremy Ellis at The Baltic Room. He's playing here as part of the Decibel Festival. Here's the flyer:

Then I hit the pavement looking for a job (or two). Wish me luck!

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