Last Night....

Last Night

I went to a party put on by the Degenerate Art Ensemble.
They're a local band/art/performance group. The idea was that it was the first day or school at Degenerate Catholic High School. They had cheerleaders, priests and nuns, school counselors, a marching band (that played klezmer music!) and performances by Ensamble members and various affiliated groups and musicians.

Stu played with Seattle School (which grew out of the Young Composers Collective and produced the Iron Composer series) and members of Klaang! an improve percussion group he sometimes does performs with.

In between the music acts there were appearances by the Principal, "Mr. Hardman" and various faculty members and teachers. They also played musical chairs (Pure chaos!) and Speed Spelling Bee, in which you could buy a ticket to become a contestant. Participants were paired up and had to slug a shot of rotgut whiskey and spell as many words as given to them in a minute.

There was also the aerialists (the DHS gymnastic team) and you could pay to have people thrown into 'detention' for various fake offenses...where they'd get spanked with a ruler...and a concession stand that sold candy, fish crackers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Outside they had a fake living room with a working TV and VCR. And a dunk tank where you could dunk marching band members or faculty...$5 for three tries.

Once people got drunk, things got more and more surreal...there was this really tall, pretty girl, wasted or high on something that kept crashing into people, dancing and falling down and climbing on things...it was like she was indestructible! She came out of the porta potty with her skirt hiked up above her waist (most of the women there were dressed like Catholic schoolgirls) and stood there for several minutes before someone reminded her to pull it back down.

We left at two, but Weez was drunk so Tyrone drove her home while Stu and I followed...what a day! Tomorrow I go to see the Cherry Poppin' Daddies!

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