The Way It's Been Lately

The Way It's Been Lately

So I rolled out of bed this morning at the behest of Keisha, who's meowing incessantly at me. I was up late the night before websurfing and reading (finished "The Moor's Last Sigh" and started Palahniuk's "Diary"). Since Jason's out of town, I figured Keisha was out of food, so I groggily made my way upstairs check her bowl. On my way past the bathroom (where everybody in this household goes poo) I notice that Ryan has moved the catbox outside.
Keisha's dish is almost empty so I filedl it and changed her water. But she's not interested in food, she wanted outside. So I let her out.

I returned to my room, where I briefly consider going back to bed, but I'm awake now. I sometimes use the game "Bejeweled" as an alertness test, so I play a couple of games and get my highest score ever (165500)! I'm awake enough to drive, I reckoned.
The weather was looking kinda iffy, but it seemed to be clearing up. Lately, I've had a Craving for baked goods. Today, I wanted nothing more than a mocha and a bigass chocolate chip cookie. So I get showered an dressed, throw my book in a messanger bag and head off to find "Flour," a bakery that supposed to be somewhere around 60th and Phinney. As I was leaving, Keisha ran into the house.
I rode out to the intersection and don't see anything resembling a bakery...so I turned around, gassed up a nearby filling station and figured I'd head to Candles, a nice little coffee joint not far from where I used to live with Laura.

It wasn't crowded at all, being that it wase around 2PM. I ordered a Black Forest Ham sandwich on sourdough, their special Orange Brandy Latte and a huge chocolate chip cookie. As I ate, I leafed through an issue of Time magazine and evesdroped on the conversations around me. It had turned into a warm, pleasant day.
After finishing off my food, I pack up and head out. As I sat on my bike, I notice the seat is a bit lower than I remembered...weird. Ah, shit! The tire's flat!
As I was texting Melanie, calling Tracy and Tess and swearing under my breath, this young fella comes over and asks me if I need help. Something about the guy seems off and I didn't see him pull up in a flatbed truck, so I tell him no.
I called Lake City Powersports and asked 'em if they can fix it, but they tell me that it's too late in the day for anyone to work on it now. So since it's easier to get home from where I was, I decided to come out early tomorrow and have the bike towed then. This is going to cost me some dough! I'll be lucky if it's only $250...I'm pissed, but it could've happened at any time...and at least I wasn't bombing down the road at 50+ mph like the last time I got a flat!

I go to catch a bus home. But since school just let out, the first bus is crowded with rowdy school kids. I let that one pass and caught the next one. I transfered downtown and get home. I head straight to the computer room to check my messages...and I kick off my boots and socks to relax. I've already rescheduled my happy hour date with Tess and Ms. B, and I'm wondering what I should do with the rest of my evening.

I got up to get a glass of water and as I entered the hallway, my foot grazed something...wet.
Aw, no. Keisha crapped...IN MY ROOM!!
After pushing her outside, I cleaned like a madman. Then burnt some incense to kill the bleach smell. My plans for the evening are shot.

I hope this is bad as it gets.

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