Back in the Saddle! Where we Goin?

Man, it's late. But I feel good! I haven't updated my blog in a long time but after I got laid off on September 6 and Mel went back to Denver a week and a half later -- I did a lot of soul searching.
I always wanted to write about what I was DOING, not so much about my transient THOUGHTS or FEELINGS. It's less embarrassing that way.
I occasionally enjoy a good funk, but wallowing in self-pity isn't my style. And if anyone really wants to know what's up with me, all they have to do is ask. I try to be as honest as possible..as long as that doesn't render me completely tactless.
Sometimes, it's just better to wait until things calm down a bit and write with a little perspective.
Somehow the SAD wasn't so bad this year. I'm guessing it's because I'm comfortable here in the house and this summer was so excellent that it didn't feel like I was cheated when the season turned.
I've been employed in some form since I left high school 21 years ago. Time off is a good thing, but broke, frustrated and stir-crazy? Not so good.
My friends were really great during this time, taking me to the movies, or inviting me over to hang out, or taking me out for drinks.
I'll soon be starting a new job. It feels like the first day of school all over again. I'll have to get to know my new co-workers and find out if my new boss is as cool as she seems to be (I have a feeling she is). Mad props to Matt F. for giving me a lead to pursue!
I missed the interactions -- the folks I saw on the bus and the street everyday, rockin' out and discussing politics with Johnny 2X, geek stuff with the boys in the color room.
It's a lousy time of year to be unemployed, with everyone worried about budgets and the distractions of the holidays. One company called me back 3 times, but could never seem to hook me up with the person that I really needed to talk to -- the woman who'd be my boss. They were pretty unprofessional about it, too. I'm going to enjoy telling them (as nicely as possible, of course) that I'm employed elsewhere!
After years of treading water, I feel like I'll finally be moving forward again. And, I have a plan for 2007 -- with goals and shit! Of course, there's no way to predict the future, but it's nice to feel proactive and not just let things happen. Perhaps that goes against keeping a Wu-wei mind, but then, maybe not...
Hopefully, I'll be able to get some work done on my GPZ and get to enjoy riding it this spring and summer. And my Drifter could use some attention. It's a great bike and hasn't given me any trouble at all, except for the flat tire I got in September.
It's starting to get really cold now, so some things will have to wait, which is fine. It'll give me a chance to figure out what my plan of attack (bike-wise) will be.
I'd like to add that Thanksgiving this year was really awesome! I had dinner with Frito, Cindy, their poker buddy Quinn and his girlfriend Emily. I made the mashed potatoes.
The next night was the 10th Orphan's Thanksgiving at Tess' place. I baked two buttermilk pies (I'd never had one before and it just sounded good. And it's an easy recipe) and went with Oani and her fella Dean. Everyone made their specialties and my buddy Jay was able to attend for the first time. He brought a very good selection of liquor which made several folks quite happy.
I don't know why, but I practiced moderation both nights, at least with the food. The pie was a success, I didn't eat any -- I wanted some of the huge caramel apple pie Tess' next door neighbor gave us!
Frito and I got good and ripped on Friday. After we left Tess' we went to The Bad JuJu lounge to check out The Coconut Coolouts, a up and coming local band led by the former singer of Charming Snakes. Maybe I'm getting too old, but the hipster kids there were annoying as fuck. And the band indulged themselves in too much onstage banter, which killed the momentum of the show...ah well.
My band, Blue Star Creeper played The Skylark in West Seattle the following night. I was not as prepared to play as I would've liked to have been, but unlike last time (which was pretty poor, IMO) I kinda knew what to expect. There were four bands on the bill and we went on third. I had enough beer to get me loose but not sloppy. I just concentrated on playing as solidly as possible.
And it worked! I flubbed some notes but our tone is pretty dark and that makes us sound so heavy that it seemed to mask my mistakes.
After the show several people told me I'd done an excellent job...and the sound guy told me some woman wanted to meet me. I think Vicky's sister was merely egging her on, but she was nice.
Louise and her friend (Craig?) showed up. Weez said she really liked us and sent me a picture of the two of us from her party this summer.

It's good to be alive!

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