Fargen Egg...

Fargen Egg...

I stopped by the house yesterday. There were signs that my roommates had stopped in over the weekend, but it otherwise it sat cold, dark and empty when I arrived. I've noticed that some of my neighbors have large storage containers out front.
Jason and I met with an adjuster at the PSU trailer last week. They told us we should be receiving a letter telling us who we'd be working with to settle our claim soon, with an initial payment (he wasn't sure of the size) coming sometime soon.
The last time I was there, I went downstairs and they'd removed all of our flotsam and jetsam, the carpets and half of the walls, giving my previously warm, cozy basement all the charm of a unfinished cellar! I took some cameraphone pics. It's going to weird living there again.
Frito and Cindy have been great. Of course, I lived here before I moved out in 2004 with Laura (I'll never make that mistake again!) so I feel right at home, though all my stuff is elsewhere.
Staying in the basement isn't so bad -- I got access to cable and Frito's computer, but I really can't wait to get all my stuff together. I feel rootless and out-of-sorts, yet other parts of my life and excellent!
I can't say for sure that 2007 will be a blast, but it can only get better now, right?
Aside from all the flood stuff, the holidays went OK. I don't really celebrate them, so I didn't have anyone to disappoint AND I didn't have the pressure of trying to please anyone else. Going from Jehovah's Witness to Agnostic was a decent transition, for what that's worth. I suppose I'll make NYE plans at some point, but I'm effin' broke and payday isn't until next month, so it'll low-key.
I'd like to give a big up to all the people who've offered assistance, condolences and encouragement over the last couple of weeks: Tess, Tim, Jay, Stu, Rachel, Matt, Rob, Rebecca, Cole, Angie, Patty, Oani, Scott, Cindy, Neil, Kathleen, Renee, Sean and Maria.
It's not over yet, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel. I suppose I'll know more once we get past the holidays and settle into The Doldrums.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep listening to "Dick in a Box" and trying to maintain.

Aight, then.




Sometimes I have the most rotten luck.

There was a Seahawks game yesterday. Apparently, this causes enough concern at my job that folks actually start planning to leave work early. I figured it was no big deal, until I saw the weather report.
A big storm was on the way, with gusts up to 70MPH. I'd ridden my motorcycle into work...partly for autonomy in choosing when I could leave and partly 'cause I fuckin' hate taking the bus. It was a pretty rough day at work anyway, 'cause the company prez was in town and we'd been out late the night before drinkin', playing pool and hanging out with him.
I actually got to work first yesterday, but after a nice lunch, I was nodding off at my desk (much to Cole's amusement) while searching through 80 pages of results looking for an FTP error.
I packed it in around 4:30. The parking lot was already becoming a small pond and my Joe Rocket gear got soaked through in the time it took to get from Royal Brougham to Jackson Street. I don't what genius decided to schedule a weekday game to start at 5PM. but I'd sure like to kick his ass!

I was running low on gas and soaked through when I got near home. The huge storm drainage project they've been working on all summer was completely flooded. I had to ride on the sidewalks to avoid the deep puddles on my street. As I rode down my block, I wondered why most of my neighbors were standing around outside. After I got off my bike, a lady ran past me and asked if my basement was flooding. I told her I didn't know and ran around the side of the house to discover a huge lake.
I live in valley. My block isn't the lowest point in the valley, but it is unique in that the houses surround a bowl-like depression that makes up our back yard. During heavy rains, that depression starts to fill up with water. Last year, the city came out and pumped it all out before it could cause any serious problems.
Several months ago. The city knocked down a couple of houses on the block south of mine and and started tearing up the street north of us. This project was designed to take care of heavy stormwater overflows...just the sort of thing that happened last night. Unfortunately, it didn't do what it was supposed to.
I entered my house to the sound of trickling water. As I headed down to the basement, I was greeted by brownish water that covered my waterproof boots. I didn't know if I could get an electric shock, so I turned around and started making phone calls. By the time the water stopped coming in, it's would be 3 feet high. The landlord came by, took a look and bailed. Said he was going to call the city.

I was too astounded by what had happened to get too upset. I called Frito and rode out to his place. Shortly after arriving there, the power went for the whole Rainier Valley. So we lit some candles and went to bed.
We went back to my place this afternoon. The city had pumped out the backyards. All the water was gone from my basement, although the carpet was ruined. What did I lose? Too depressing to recount right now...maybe in a day or two.

There's supposed to be an emergency claims van in the 'hood tomorrow. I've got to fill out a claims form...that should be fun.

I'm gonna get drunk tonight.


Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Just saw the new Bond flick. SPOILER ALERT!!

My take.

I totally enjoyed the movie. I thought Daniel Craig did a really good job, given that the Bond character is really pretty flat.
None of the other movies really tried or even cared to examine what made Bond tick, but instead he was this superhuman badass who never suffered a scratch or displayed any emotion. Bond never seemed particularly patriotic either, which is strange when you compare him with say, Rambo or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Saving the world seemed just like a side effect of all the cars, travel and sex.
We get a little insight when he and Vesper are probing each other's defenses on the train. The unfortunate thing about 'romance' in a Bond flick is that we know the chick will either betray our hero or wind as worm food. Kinda like every woman Ponch dated on CHiPs.
To tell the truth, I didn't really care much for Vesper...she was just as blank as Bond and basically I just kept waiting for the other shoe (her croaking) to drop.
I was a little annoyed that villain was so disposed of so easily. Le Chiffre was a cream puff who probably would've gotten his ass kicked in a fair fight but it would've made a much more interesting story if, after to losing all his money to Bond, the CIA botched the retrieval and Bond would've had to chase him and fight off the CIA and all the people that Le Chiffre owed money to. Instead, they wasted a bunch of time with the chase scene in the beginning...which should have been the ending!
If Bond need to get into trouble at the beginning of the movie, getting arrested after saving the plane could've done the trick.
I admit I liked the fight scenes. Killing someone with your bare hands is hard. Two motivated people in fight should be really fuckin' bloody. And the lack of death rays, secret bases with armies of minions was totally cool.

I can't wait for the next movie, I hope there's more ass-kicking, less romance, better villains and just a tad more spying. Jay says is favorite part is when Bond has to call in the Royal Marines for back up and there's a huge battle...hum, they could keep that too, I guess.




The new job is going quite well. It took a few days to get my email set up and now I will taking on more and more of Cole's duties and figuring ways to simplify and arrange things to my liking.
I really like the atmosphere, it's just the four of us. The boss lady knows how to crack the whip, but then she also likes to have fun. I'm gonna be meeting some key people over the next few weeks...I have until the end of the month before Cole leaves and Rebecca and I completely take over his duties. I'm really excited!

There was a Toy Run down in Olympia this weekend. Rebecca, a woman I know from a motorcycle board I belong to, sent out an invite and since I'd never been on a run (or to South Puget Sound on my bike before) I really wanted to go. I got all geared up and hit the highway around 11AM Saturday. The ride down was pretty uneventful, but cold, even though I was wearing two pairs of gloves!
I found the the South Sound Center easily enough. I didn't bring a toy, so I paid the $10 entry fee and got lined up. One half of the parking lot was full of bikes, mostly Harley's and it seemed everyone had on leathers. I felt a bit out of place with my Joe Rocket suit, full face helmet and Kawasaki, but I didn't let it phase me. I'm the one paying for and riding this bike, if you don't like it -- bite me!

I found Rebecca and her friend Doug and we chatted a bit before the 1PM ride time. The local paper said there were something like 72oo riders! It didn't seem like that many, but it did take something like 20 minutes just to get all of us out of the parking lot! As we rolled through town, people stood on the sidewalks and waved. The sun peeking through the haze and the roar of bikes and the close formation made for an exhilerating experience! The ride was fairly short, though. We got to a park near the State Capitol building (a lovely scene) and parked our bikes on both sides of the street. I met up with Rebecca and Doug again, the toys were collected and we spent an hour or so looking at rides. Most of the bikes I saw were fairly new Harley Electra-Glides, Springers, Road Kings, etc. but there was a couple of old Indians, Gilroy Indians and a really cool bobber built around a Yamaha mill.

Doug left after awhile and Rebecca and I spent the rest of the evening bar-hopping an drinking. I crashed at her place, got up had some coffee and watched a bit of football and rode home Sunday afternoon. There was a Motorcycle show this weekend, but I was too beat to go!

This week, my band has a gig at The Comet Tavern on Thursday. Come down if you can make it! We'll bring the rawk!