Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Just saw the new Bond flick. SPOILER ALERT!!

My take.

I totally enjoyed the movie. I thought Daniel Craig did a really good job, given that the Bond character is really pretty flat.
None of the other movies really tried or even cared to examine what made Bond tick, but instead he was this superhuman badass who never suffered a scratch or displayed any emotion. Bond never seemed particularly patriotic either, which is strange when you compare him with say, Rambo or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Saving the world seemed just like a side effect of all the cars, travel and sex.
We get a little insight when he and Vesper are probing each other's defenses on the train. The unfortunate thing about 'romance' in a Bond flick is that we know the chick will either betray our hero or wind as worm food. Kinda like every woman Ponch dated on CHiPs.
To tell the truth, I didn't really care much for Vesper...she was just as blank as Bond and basically I just kept waiting for the other shoe (her croaking) to drop.
I was a little annoyed that villain was so disposed of so easily. Le Chiffre was a cream puff who probably would've gotten his ass kicked in a fair fight but it would've made a much more interesting story if, after to losing all his money to Bond, the CIA botched the retrieval and Bond would've had to chase him and fight off the CIA and all the people that Le Chiffre owed money to. Instead, they wasted a bunch of time with the chase scene in the beginning...which should have been the ending!
If Bond need to get into trouble at the beginning of the movie, getting arrested after saving the plane could've done the trick.
I admit I liked the fight scenes. Killing someone with your bare hands is hard. Two motivated people in fight should be really fuckin' bloody. And the lack of death rays, secret bases with armies of minions was totally cool.

I can't wait for the next movie, I hope there's more ass-kicking, less romance, better villains and just a tad more spying. Jay says is favorite part is when Bond has to call in the Royal Marines for back up and there's a huge battle...hum, they could keep that too, I guess.

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