Fargen Egg...

Fargen Egg...

I stopped by the house yesterday. There were signs that my roommates had stopped in over the weekend, but it otherwise it sat cold, dark and empty when I arrived. I've noticed that some of my neighbors have large storage containers out front.
Jason and I met with an adjuster at the PSU trailer last week. They told us we should be receiving a letter telling us who we'd be working with to settle our claim soon, with an initial payment (he wasn't sure of the size) coming sometime soon.
The last time I was there, I went downstairs and they'd removed all of our flotsam and jetsam, the carpets and half of the walls, giving my previously warm, cozy basement all the charm of a unfinished cellar! I took some cameraphone pics. It's going to weird living there again.
Frito and Cindy have been great. Of course, I lived here before I moved out in 2004 with Laura (I'll never make that mistake again!) so I feel right at home, though all my stuff is elsewhere.
Staying in the basement isn't so bad -- I got access to cable and Frito's computer, but I really can't wait to get all my stuff together. I feel rootless and out-of-sorts, yet other parts of my life and excellent!
I can't say for sure that 2007 will be a blast, but it can only get better now, right?
Aside from all the flood stuff, the holidays went OK. I don't really celebrate them, so I didn't have anyone to disappoint AND I didn't have the pressure of trying to please anyone else. Going from Jehovah's Witness to Agnostic was a decent transition, for what that's worth. I suppose I'll make NYE plans at some point, but I'm effin' broke and payday isn't until next month, so it'll low-key.
I'd like to give a big up to all the people who've offered assistance, condolences and encouragement over the last couple of weeks: Tess, Tim, Jay, Stu, Rachel, Matt, Rob, Rebecca, Cole, Angie, Patty, Oani, Scott, Cindy, Neil, Kathleen, Renee, Sean and Maria.
It's not over yet, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel. I suppose I'll know more once we get past the holidays and settle into The Doldrums.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep listening to "Dick in a Box" and trying to maintain.

Aight, then.

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