Sometimes I have the most rotten luck.

There was a Seahawks game yesterday. Apparently, this causes enough concern at my job that folks actually start planning to leave work early. I figured it was no big deal, until I saw the weather report.
A big storm was on the way, with gusts up to 70MPH. I'd ridden my motorcycle into work...partly for autonomy in choosing when I could leave and partly 'cause I fuckin' hate taking the bus. It was a pretty rough day at work anyway, 'cause the company prez was in town and we'd been out late the night before drinkin', playing pool and hanging out with him.
I actually got to work first yesterday, but after a nice lunch, I was nodding off at my desk (much to Cole's amusement) while searching through 80 pages of results looking for an FTP error.
I packed it in around 4:30. The parking lot was already becoming a small pond and my Joe Rocket gear got soaked through in the time it took to get from Royal Brougham to Jackson Street. I don't what genius decided to schedule a weekday game to start at 5PM. but I'd sure like to kick his ass!

I was running low on gas and soaked through when I got near home. The huge storm drainage project they've been working on all summer was completely flooded. I had to ride on the sidewalks to avoid the deep puddles on my street. As I rode down my block, I wondered why most of my neighbors were standing around outside. After I got off my bike, a lady ran past me and asked if my basement was flooding. I told her I didn't know and ran around the side of the house to discover a huge lake.
I live in valley. My block isn't the lowest point in the valley, but it is unique in that the houses surround a bowl-like depression that makes up our back yard. During heavy rains, that depression starts to fill up with water. Last year, the city came out and pumped it all out before it could cause any serious problems.
Several months ago. The city knocked down a couple of houses on the block south of mine and and started tearing up the street north of us. This project was designed to take care of heavy stormwater overflows...just the sort of thing that happened last night. Unfortunately, it didn't do what it was supposed to.
I entered my house to the sound of trickling water. As I headed down to the basement, I was greeted by brownish water that covered my waterproof boots. I didn't know if I could get an electric shock, so I turned around and started making phone calls. By the time the water stopped coming in, it's would be 3 feet high. The landlord came by, took a look and bailed. Said he was going to call the city.

I was too astounded by what had happened to get too upset. I called Frito and rode out to his place. Shortly after arriving there, the power went for the whole Rainier Valley. So we lit some candles and went to bed.
We went back to my place this afternoon. The city had pumped out the backyards. All the water was gone from my basement, although the carpet was ruined. What did I lose? Too depressing to recount right now...maybe in a day or two.

There's supposed to be an emergency claims van in the 'hood tomorrow. I've got to fill out a claims form...that should be fun.

I'm gonna get drunk tonight.

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