The Last Good Day of the Year

It's funny -- we've been working, running around for Xmas (which is a story in itself) and now new year's eve is upon us and Mandy and I still aren't sure of what we're doing!

The WSP wants to go to Science Friction, but M. says she's not up for a big party. We tried to aim for something more low-key like a party at a friend's house, but that fell through. So, now they'll be a flurry of phone calls and emails while we try and figure out what to do.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be OK as long as there is plenty of booze.




Man, does time fly . You get yr routines and traditions and such, pay attention to the sign posts (equinoxes, solstices, etc.) and acquire more gray hairs (no wrinkles, tho!) and still the passage of time is a bit frightening.
Now that I am of a "certain age," I've begun to ponder the narrowing of options, the lessening of paths one can take, the end of things. e.g. Will I be physically able to pilot a motorcycle year round in ten years? Will I want to?

A week ago, I met up with Jeff, Derek and Jim. Gentlemen, dear friends, brothers I've known for over half my life. We shot the shit, discussed our aches and pains, the weirdness of checking out the ladies and realizing that you're old and they aren't and the various mechanisms for coping. It wasn't all serious, 'cause I spent most of the evening laughing my ass off, but in retrospect, this is what we humans do innit?

It's been an interesting year. And despite everything, there's a lot to look forward too. My girlfriend sometimes teases me for being so optimistic. But what choice do I have, in the face of the enormous problems humanity faces?

Anyway, I suspect 2008 will be like any other year, there will be heartbreak, tears and the agony of defeat, but also triumph, joy and laughter as well.



Fackin' 'ell

I have neglected this blog. Everytime I sit down to write, I wonder why bother. Tonight though, I was reminded of the original reason: I cannot remember everything and it's fun TO DO and then reflect on it later. So I guess it doesn't matter how banal someone else finds this.

Since my last post, Mandy and I went to Portland, I found out two of my friends have been fighting cancer, the bass player in one of my favorite bands has died, bought, played and finished Half Life 2: Episode 2, discovered the hallucinogenic wonder of Squidbillies and found that someone I thought I had a relatively firm grasp on is actually quite a bit different than I'd thought...but not in a bad way, it's quite endearing.

It's 6AM as I write this. I went to a birthday dinner for my old supervisor at Getty. We had some drinks and shot the breeze with Matt, Kim, Kiyo, Mandy and Richelle while Jay whipped up a leg of lamb, a flank steak roulade, beets, roasted potatoes and warm pita bread for dinner. Kiyo made chocolate cupcakes and Mandy and I brought a chocolate cake for dessert.

Around 11, Mandy and I went down to The Cretin's clubhouse for their Halloween party. They were doing karaoke when we arrived...which didn't really set things off. Mandy and I hung out and chatted with some of the new guys on the UTMC board. Mandy headed home around 12:30 and I stayed because I'd had two cups of coffee at Matt's and was FULLY AWAKE. (Hell, I'm awake now!) I made a feeble attempt at DJ'ing, but I didn't have a game plan so when Bob took over and spun old 45's (he'd bought a huge box full of them at Goodwill) things began to pick up!

I felt giddy and danced for quite awhile, even to Huey Lewis & The News and had a blast. Even though it was cold out, I was glad I rode my bike tonight...there's nothing more exhilarating than blasting down city streets that you have almost completely to yourself, knowing your warm bed awaits you (even if you don't get in it right away)!

I recently acquired the classic motorcycle racing movie "On Any Sunday" and since this is the Seahawk's "Bye Week", perhaps my major goal for tomorrow is to watch it with Ryan...and get breakfast somewhere. My room is clean and the laundry is done, so I can sleep as late as I want.

Anyway, I need to get back into the habit of updating this thing...


Dying Summer...

I haven't posted here in awhile. I wish I could say I've been terribly busy and I suppose I was -- it just doesn't feel that way.
I (we) did a lot. There were BBQ's, parties, a trip to Vancouver BC, tons of fine dining (OK, dining), dancing, drinking in bars, a couple of trips to B-Town, etc. but somehow it feels like nothing really happened.
The change is already in the air, but there's a few weeks (hopefully) of good weather before it gets really cold. I guess that when you live in an era when the trees start blooming in February, winter is just a mild annoyance...well, to me anyway.
Nonetheless, I have some complex feelings about the fall. Knowing it's going to colder and darker makes me feel a little sad and wistful on one hand, while on the other, I look forward to eating lots of soup, lying under the heater at Mandy's and playing with Denali and coziness of one's own home...or bed.
I feel more energetic when it's cold...more focused. And once I'm over the SAD hump, happy to have something to look forward to.

Next week, Mandy and I go to PDX for the weekend. I haven't been to Portland in years...should be a lot of fun, even though I know I won't be able to get her to go to a strip club, heh.



This week has been lovely. Yesterday, I had the day off and hung out with Mandy for part of the day. We wandered around the West Seattle junction, then I came home with the intent of heading up to my co-worker Rob's for a 4th of July BBQ.
But after I got home, showered (and promptly started sweating again), I decided to stay home and chill.
We have a lovely deck here and Tess, Ryan, Beth, Scotty, Laquita and Atlee were all here. Our gas grill has a leak, so Tess got a Weber.
Mandy came over with chicken, slaw and potato salad and we did our prep while everyone else was out at the store.
I was drinking limeade with the Thai whiskey that Frito brought back from his last trip.
Awhile later, I was full and happy...with a HUGE headache. Mandy stayed with me until about 11, then went home.
It was rough getting up this morning. I wasn't hung over, but man! I was was tired.
Tomorrow, Jay and I will meet at Robert's to BBQ some brisket's for Robert's wedding on Saturday. I'm also helping to cater the event. Jay got us Chef's jackets and everything!




It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post here. Not having a computer and being busy at work has really cut down on my surfing/posting time.

Everything is coming along fine. I'm settled at Tess', I have a wonderful, sexy, funny and kind girlfriend, work is busy and the weather is getting good enough for some bike riding.

The last couple of months were really interesting. The NSC threw it's last (?) bash, the God Is Dead party, Matt, Leslie and Ana moved away to D.C., Stu and Rachel bought a new house. Maria's dog Arthur died, Mandy and I got to see Sparklehorse and Ted Leo (though not on the same day).

Tonight I'm meeting the NSC boys for the wrap up and settling of bidness.

Funny to think our project is finally over after seven years...


The Last Fortnight.

The Last Fortnight.

The last couple of weeks seemed to have flown by. Changes are afoot and I'm pretty mellow right now (that could change of course).
I'm still working with the insurance people over my personal property losses. The city might quibble with me over some items, but I have made it clear that they'll get a fight if try.
I realized I was at a low boil these last few weeks.
Finding out that my roommates were moving out of the house was a bummer. I was looking towards things going back to 'normal', but I guess that just will not be the case! However, my beloved Tess offered me a place at her house. We thought about it and decided that there's no reason it wouldn't work, so hopefully, I'll be moving there in the next week or so.
Other than that, I'm slowly getting back into my groove. Last night, a bunch of us went to see Adam's excellent jazz/pop band Cytosoul at Egan's Jam House in Ballard. I'm going to Bremerton tonight, to visit some friends. I'm not sure where I'll watch the SuperBowl...or even if I'll watch it at all.
I got tickets for Sparklehorse's show at the Showbox on Valentine's Day. I'm probably going to see Ted Leo in April and Low in June too. Already the spring/summer is shaping up.
I guess I'm feeling guardedly optimistic.

I hope I'm right!




I'm really getting sick of thinking about it, but it's hopefully a resolution will come soon.
The insurance folks are submitting my claim to the city for approval. They think I'll get close to what I asked for, the only sticking point being the 400+ cassette tapes I lost.
I hear a new furnace and water heater are in at the house, but nothing has been done in the basement.
Ryan panicked and decided to move into a new place. Jason's decided to move in with his girlfriend, so I can either try and eventually recruit others to move in -- or bail myself.
I thought I could move back there and be content, but the place feels defiled somehow. I haven't talked to the landlord, but I doubt he'd give me any kind of break to finish out the lease -- with his insurance policy, he'll get compensated one way or another -- though I doubt the rent won't be going up.
So...I'm going to have to start looking for a new place to live.
It seems that for every step I take forward, I take a half-step back. If I wasn't focused on a happier future, I'd be seriously wallowing in depression right now. But that's not my way. I have to keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel and move forward. It's the only way I'm gonna get through this without killing myself (or someone else).
While others have certainly been through worse, the last few months have been tough. But in every crisis, there's opportunity. In every trial, a chance to learn.
Te Shan wrote: "Just have no mind on things and no things on mind, and you will be naturally be empty and spiritual, tranquil and sublime."

I'm workin' on it, dude.