This week has been lovely. Yesterday, I had the day off and hung out with Mandy for part of the day. We wandered around the West Seattle junction, then I came home with the intent of heading up to my co-worker Rob's for a 4th of July BBQ.
But after I got home, showered (and promptly started sweating again), I decided to stay home and chill.
We have a lovely deck here and Tess, Ryan, Beth, Scotty, Laquita and Atlee were all here. Our gas grill has a leak, so Tess got a Weber.
Mandy came over with chicken, slaw and potato salad and we did our prep while everyone else was out at the store.
I was drinking limeade with the Thai whiskey that Frito brought back from his last trip.
Awhile later, I was full and happy...with a HUGE headache. Mandy stayed with me until about 11, then went home.
It was rough getting up this morning. I wasn't hung over, but man! I was was tired.
Tomorrow, Jay and I will meet at Robert's to BBQ some brisket's for Robert's wedding on Saturday. I'm also helping to cater the event. Jay got us Chef's jackets and everything!