Fackin' 'ell

I have neglected this blog. Everytime I sit down to write, I wonder why bother. Tonight though, I was reminded of the original reason: I cannot remember everything and it's fun TO DO and then reflect on it later. So I guess it doesn't matter how banal someone else finds this.

Since my last post, Mandy and I went to Portland, I found out two of my friends have been fighting cancer, the bass player in one of my favorite bands has died, bought, played and finished Half Life 2: Episode 2, discovered the hallucinogenic wonder of Squidbillies and found that someone I thought I had a relatively firm grasp on is actually quite a bit different than I'd thought...but not in a bad way, it's quite endearing.

It's 6AM as I write this. I went to a birthday dinner for my old supervisor at Getty. We had some drinks and shot the breeze with Matt, Kim, Kiyo, Mandy and Richelle while Jay whipped up a leg of lamb, a flank steak roulade, beets, roasted potatoes and warm pita bread for dinner. Kiyo made chocolate cupcakes and Mandy and I brought a chocolate cake for dessert.

Around 11, Mandy and I went down to The Cretin's clubhouse for their Halloween party. They were doing karaoke when we arrived...which didn't really set things off. Mandy and I hung out and chatted with some of the new guys on the UTMC board. Mandy headed home around 12:30 and I stayed because I'd had two cups of coffee at Matt's and was FULLY AWAKE. (Hell, I'm awake now!) I made a feeble attempt at DJ'ing, but I didn't have a game plan so when Bob took over and spun old 45's (he'd bought a huge box full of them at Goodwill) things began to pick up!

I felt giddy and danced for quite awhile, even to Huey Lewis & The News and had a blast. Even though it was cold out, I was glad I rode my bike tonight...there's nothing more exhilarating than blasting down city streets that you have almost completely to yourself, knowing your warm bed awaits you (even if you don't get in it right away)!

I recently acquired the classic motorcycle racing movie "On Any Sunday" and since this is the Seahawk's "Bye Week", perhaps my major goal for tomorrow is to watch it with Ryan...and get breakfast somewhere. My room is clean and the laundry is done, so I can sleep as late as I want.

Anyway, I need to get back into the habit of updating this thing...