The Last Good Day of the Year

It's funny -- we've been working, running around for Xmas (which is a story in itself) and now new year's eve is upon us and Mandy and I still aren't sure of what we're doing!

The WSP wants to go to Science Friction, but M. says she's not up for a big party. We tried to aim for something more low-key like a party at a friend's house, but that fell through. So, now they'll be a flurry of phone calls and emails while we try and figure out what to do.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be OK as long as there is plenty of booze.




Man, does time fly . You get yr routines and traditions and such, pay attention to the sign posts (equinoxes, solstices, etc.) and acquire more gray hairs (no wrinkles, tho!) and still the passage of time is a bit frightening.
Now that I am of a "certain age," I've begun to ponder the narrowing of options, the lessening of paths one can take, the end of things. e.g. Will I be physically able to pilot a motorcycle year round in ten years? Will I want to?

A week ago, I met up with Jeff, Derek and Jim. Gentlemen, dear friends, brothers I've known for over half my life. We shot the shit, discussed our aches and pains, the weirdness of checking out the ladies and realizing that you're old and they aren't and the various mechanisms for coping. It wasn't all serious, 'cause I spent most of the evening laughing my ass off, but in retrospect, this is what we humans do innit?

It's been an interesting year. And despite everything, there's a lot to look forward too. My girlfriend sometimes teases me for being so optimistic. But what choice do I have, in the face of the enormous problems humanity faces?

Anyway, I suspect 2008 will be like any other year, there will be heartbreak, tears and the agony of defeat, but also triumph, joy and laughter as well.