The Last Good Day of the Year

It's funny -- we've been working, running around for Xmas (which is a story in itself) and now new year's eve is upon us and Mandy and I still aren't sure of what we're doing!

The WSP wants to go to Science Friction, but M. says she's not up for a big party. We tried to aim for something more low-key like a party at a friend's house, but that fell through. So, now they'll be a flurry of phone calls and emails while we try and figure out what to do.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be OK as long as there is plenty of booze.



fat_girl said...

Oh No! I thought for sure you would have plans, cause you always do. I knew someone who had extra tickets to Maktub at the Showbox. I was there with my friend. It kicked ass! I hoe you found something fun to do.

fat_girl said...

oops, hope not hoe